Crowdfunding Opportunity

For a small investment, get three fully-catered

stays at our new Knit-and-Crochet-in-France


knitandcrocheznous is close to being launched

as a venture principally targeting yarn

enthusiasts,those who enjoy knitting and nattering with

like-minded companions. In the first year, we will be offering four-night stays with full board. Overall group size is envisaged as being 3-6 individuals. Our property is nestled in a rural spot, three kilometres from a small village in the Creuse. The house and its attractive, very private garden will be your abode throughout the stay.


Who are we?


Heather is the yarn-fan and Laurence the cook of the operation. Retired secondary-school teachers and passionate Francophiles, both originally from Glasgow, Heather and Laurence got married in 1980 and always hankered after a rural life.

We consider our property in the Creuse to be quite a find, and last year we sank our savings in the purchase and initial improvements.

Find Heather on Ravelry:   flooh001


Why the crowdfunding approach?


The house has a sociable layout: on the ground floor a nice large sitting-room with lovely old fireplace and woodburner (as well as TV and wifi connection), connecting to a sizeable dining room/kitchen. It is here that we would like to do work. Our vision is to re-design the room to create a really well-proportioned communal kitchen, to be completed in spring 2018. This way, future knitandcrocheznous guests can create their evening meal together (enjoying a corresponding reduction in the overall charge of the stay). The current kitchen-corner is functional but inadequate for communal culinary endeavours. With a re-configuration, newly-installed kitchen units and plentiful worktops and patio doors, this room will be available to guests, and the mission of including all yarn enthusiasts (with or without non-participating partners/friends) fully as part of our family will be complete.


The cost of the work will be considerable,


and we wish to complete it without taking out a mortgage. Hence, the marketing at this stage of crowdfunding bonds- overall a cheaper way to be one of our pioneer knit/crochet guests, with additional benefits, one being a 10% discount on all future stays, beyond the initial term of your entitlement (ie to the three free stays as outlined below).

We are issuing 15 crowdfunding bonds, each with a value of £400 with a 3 year maturity date. A crowdfunder thus benefits from a saving of over £600 as the normal cost of 3 retreats is £1020.


What do you gain for your investment?


Instead of receiving interest on the principal, what you will get is a total of three stays – completely free of charge and on a full board basis (apart from one lunch during an excursion) as a participant on a scheduled knitandcrochet retreat with us. Note that all the dates of programmed retreats will be sent to you with plenty of advance notice.

There is more: as a crowdfunding bondholder, your partner or a friend can book one of the places on the same retreat as yourself for a knockdown price of only £150 (sharing a room with you) or £180 for a separate room. That amazing “bring a friend for less” offer applies strictly to bondholders. The accompanying partner or friend (who need not be a knit/crochet participant – see Other Activities in the Area) is entitled to the same free pick-up/drop-off service, provided you arrive/depart together.


We commence in late summer 2017


with our first ever three retreats and would be delighted to see bondholders joining us on one of these.

From 2018 onwards, a series of retreats will take place in June, July, August and September.


As a crowdfunding bondholder, you will receive a certificate which represents our promise to you.


Amount set at £400